Looking for a Beneficial Extracurricular for Your Kids? Learn Chess

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If you are thinking of getting your kids into some extracurricular activities, you are probably thinking of a sport like gymnastics or baseball. However, not all children excel at physical coordination, and other activities might suit them better. For example, have you ever thought of enrolling your son or daughter in a chess club? There are many things that your child could learn from understanding the principles of chess, which will be discussed presently. 

If your child is already involved with the chess club but is needing some extra help, you could also enroll them in online chess lessons where they learn new strategies and techniques. End game strategies are essential to excelling at chess, and your child could learn them with the help of an online teacher. 

Why should your child play chess? The following covers just a few advantages. 

1. Strategy 

Strategy is such a large part of chess. You have to know specific ways to lure your opponent into certain situations, and how to get out of those same situations yourself. With understanding strategy comes problem-solving and crucial thinking, which can be directly translated into real life. Whenever your child faces a difficult or challenging situation they will be able to think critically about how to overcome it. 

2. Sportsmanship

As with all games, there is a loser and a winner. While it is important to know how to win and be a good winner, it is just as important to be a good loser. Instead of getting upset with any setback, your son or daughter could learn to handle defeat with grace. 

3. Focus

Chess is a game where the ability to focus is crucial. If you are not paying attention you may miss a sly move from your opponent that puts one of your pieces in harm's way. Learning to focus intently and practicing with the game of chess can help your child to focus more on other things as well. For example, becoming proficient in chess could actually improve your child's reading skills, according to research

3. Math Skills

Chess can also improve your child's math skills, since they will likely learn move probability and how to calculate it. You never knew that chess could teach anyone about math. Your child probably won't either. Instead, they will simply enjoy the challenge and fun of playing an intelligent game against competent opponents.

For more information about how your child can learn chess online, contact various private tutors. 

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