Traffic School Online: Limitations And Benefits

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There are so many different classes and courses you can take online these days. In fact, you can even take bar tending school and traffic school lessons online.  The latter is of special importance to anyone who wants to learn how to drive, or for those who are required to take traffic school to regain their driver's licenses after revocation. However, you should be aware that traffic school online, no matter how cool it sounds, does have some limitations along with its benefits.


You Do Not Gain Real Life Driving Experience

Most of what is taught online for driving school is the textbook stuff. You learn all of the rules of the road and traffic laws for your state. You may even learn the exceptions to some of the rules when special circumstances apply. However, you do not gain real life driving experience, which is necessary to pass a road test. You may be put through a driving simulator to get an idea of whether or not you would pass the road test if you took it today, but it really is not an excellent measure of what would really happen when you are in a car with a testing instructor. 

You Still Have to Submit Your Test Scores and Completion Certificate to the DMV/DOT in Person

Most traffic school courses do not have a direct link to your state's DMV/DOT (Department of Motor Vehicles or Department of Transportation). As such, you still have to print out a copy of your completed course certificate, and a copy of your online test scores to present, in person, to an employee of the DMV/DOT. If your whole point was to avoid taking the written driver's test at the DMV/DOT office, you will still have to go there to get your temporary driver's permit or your renewed license after showing your documentation. 


Take the Course and the Test on Your Own Time

If your high school schedule is just way too busy for Driver's Ed, or you cannot take the course and test as an adult because of time constraints, you can take the course and the subsequent test on your own time when you study online. It is self-paced, meaning that you do not have to complete it all in one sitting, or even in ten sittings for that matter. You can complete it as quickly or as slowly as you want or need to complete it. 

The Driving Simulator Is Too Cool

A lot of these courses offer a driving simulator as part of the course learning materials. It is a lot like a video game from first person view. You do learn a lot about watching the road ahead of you, but it does not make up for real driving practice. 

For more information, contact a traffic school online.

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